10 small garden ideas to maximise your outdoor space with style

Turn to trailing plant

Use a yard fence to bring in some color and plants. For small areas, trellises and plants that climb up them are great because they keep flowers and leaves off the ground.

Opt for flexible furniture

Spend time finding the ideal garden furniture for your outdoor space, especially if space is limited.Francesca from Bridgman cautions against filling a small patio with furniture that's unused most of the year. 

Make your fencing work harder

Use vertical wall space for smart planting like a living wall. This makes even the smallest garden spaces thrive and is ideal for attractive grassless garden ideas.

Captivate with container

For an easy yard idea, put plants and small trees in pots, planters, and other containers. This works even if you don't have room for flower beds or a lawn.

Turn a tree stump into a table

If you don't have enough room for a standard garden table and chairs, try adding a small side table where you can rest your drink (or even better, your drink of choice) while you're outside.

Think vertically

If you can, get things off the ground to save valuable outdoor space, like lawn or balcony. If you have a wall or strong fence, this is the best place to hang a slim shelf unit. Garden box ideas can also be used to do it yourself.

Repurpose an old step ladder to display plant

You can also use this to lift pots and plants off the ground. You can make room for more plants below by putting them on the steps of a step stool. 

Go big with variety

Lily from Dig Club says, "Don't plant only small plants because they will make a small garden look even smaller." "Plant plants of different sizes instead to add shape and variety."

Create a layered look

In addition to adding depth to hair, layers can also be used in small gardens. Combine raised beds and ground-level beds to enhance height and create a tiered planting that appears to have more foliage.

Shade a dining spot with an awning

There is no disputing that pergolas that are covered in wisteria are really stunning; nevertheless, in a yard that is quite small, it might not be feasible to do so. 

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