5 Ways To Keep Warm After a Shower In Winter 


If you follow these suggestions for keeping your body warm after you step out of the shower, you can alleviate some of the anxiety that comes along with taking a shower during the winter.

Take use of the sun's warmth if you wake up in winter and take morning showers. Allowing the sun to heat your bathroom is cost-effective and natural. It may be tempting to close the blinds and turn on the light, but the sun will heat your bathroom all day.

Let in light

Winter's cold weather dries skin. Dry, chilly air causes rough skin, so body scrubs are wonderful for winter showers. The warm friction will help warm you by increasing blood flow. Rub body oil on to seal in warmth and moisture.

Body scrub and moisturising oil

Take a warm shower as usual, but progressively turn down the water a few minutes before getting out to adjust to cold air. Your shower water should be cool/tepid, not hot or frigid. This will prepare your body for cold weather and reduce the shock. 

Gradual shower cooling

Steam from a warm shower will warm your bathroom and towels. spot your towels in a spot where they won't get saturated, but keep them close for after the shower. You'll spend less time in the cold. When you shower, spread your towels wide open to avoid heating them.

Dry and reheat your towels

You need towels to dry off after the shower, but in winter, you shouldn't spend too much time in them. Damp towels make you cold, and they're useless once dried. Bathrobes keep you warm after drying.  

Buy a bathrobe 

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