6 Rare Baby Names You'll Completely Fall In Love With 


The Roman fertility, ladies, and health goddess gave this name its natural vibe. The Latin name means "young deer." The most prevalent year for Fauna was 1978. After that, its popularity declined each year until it rose again around Though more individuals are using it, this lovely, earthy name is still rare.


The Kiswahili word imara means "firm" or "strong." Other common girl names are Audrey and Valerie, which indicate "strength" or "power." However, Imara is a rare US name. Only 11 kids per million born in 2018 received Imara. For those seeking unusual child names, it's ideal.


The German name Gable means "God is bright," according to Baby Names. "Gabel." may be the Ashkenazi word for fork trader. Gable feels old-fashioned like Brando and Chaplin because of Clark Gable, the iconic Hollywood actor.


Orla may appeal to traditional baby names. It's rarer than Twyla and Clara, with only 50 US babies given it in 2021. The name Orla comes from the Irish word Órlaith, meaning "golden ruler," as stated in Behind the Name. Irish royals have worn this name, boosting its popularity.


Zosia is a diminutive of Zofia, a Polish name. The unusual baby name Zosia means "wisdom," and it has gained some popularity since 2012. HBO's "Girls," starring Zosia Mamet, may have familiarised you with the name.


Nameberry lists Addax as a unique baby name for the Sahara Desert white antelope. Addax is a rare, modern, gender-neutral name that is different from Maddox and Jax, making it ideal for parents seeking something unique.


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