How to Find and Capture a Loose Lizard in Your Home 

Keep the lizard in by closing all room doors and windows. To avoid creeping into other rooms, place towels under doorways.If you think the lizard escaped, check dark, warm rooms. Kitchen and laundry cabinets, appliances, and shades hide lizards.

Finding the Lizard

Approach the lizard slowly. A startled lizard will likely run back to its hiding place. Instead, slowly approach the lizard. If the lizard moves, halt and wait until it calms down.

Capturing the Lizard

Empty the container of paper. Hold the container low and remove the cardboard or paper. The lizard should run away. Put the container sideways on the ground and leave for a while if they don't depart. Some lizards are terrified and only leave after you leave.

Releasing a Wild Lizard

You may like your new lizard friend, but let it outside. Most wild lizards in cages or tanks as pets fail. These wild lizards must hunt and move outdoors.

Do not keep a wild lizard as a pet 

If you have many lizards in your home, call a pest control agency. They will search your home for lizard entryways and capture or kill them.

If you suspect lizards,  call pest control 

Wild lizards belong outside, so release them. Just step 1 yard (1 m) from your house. Do not release the lizard near your house, as it may run back inside.

Displace the lizard from your home

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