Kitchen Flooring Ideas For A Practical And Stylish Space

Keep It Simple 

Choose a medium wood tone like the one above for a conventional kitchen with subtle flooring. This makes kitchen design straightforward, and the tone matches many wall and cabinetry colors.

Go For a Darker Shade

Most kitchens have wood-grain flooring, but we like dark. Paint your kitchen's wood floors dark gray like the ones above to make a statement without overpowering the room and match dark fixtures and hardware.

Elevate the Farmhouse Charm

Southern farmhouse kitchens prefer untreated wood. This kitchen lets natural light illuminate the brilliant cabinetry, elaborate seats, and wooden table on hardwood floors.

Choose Stone Tile

Not all kitchen flooring tiles must have a creative pattern, and wood isn't the sole natural material. For a soothing design, add stone to your tiles.

White Wash Your Board

Whitewashing floors is a good alternative to dark-painted floors. This shiplap-inspired pattern brightens the atmosphere. If your kitchen lacks windows, painting the floorboards white will make it feel light and spacious.

Go Light & Dark

With its stone-terrazzo flooring and wooden walls, this kitchen feels like a rustic cabin. Stone chips mix light and dark tiles in different sizes to give the area an outdoor atmosphere and interest.

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