Mind-bending Optical Illusion Challenge: Find The Hidden Remote In The Room In 10 Seconds  

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This difficult brainteaser requires hawk-eyed people to find the remote in under 10 seconds. Block colours make this puzzle seem easy, but it tests your eyesight. Living Cosy reviews housewares and furniture and has seasonal brainteasers. 

Different house rooms have "interior-focused" puzzles. This living room depiction deceives those who think the hardest brainteasers have chaotic patterns and similar shapes and colours. The crowded room has confusing patterns and bright colours. 

A couch and flat-screen TV flank a leafy plant in the back centre. A TV remote and other items litter the coffee table and sofa. 

Finding the black rectangular box is difficult. Finders of the sofa item should not assume the problem is simple. A phone is casually placed on sofa cushions. If you're still stuck, check the image's lower left corner. 

The Remote Is Where The Cat Is! Solution is on next slide:-

By the sofa, a fuzzy black cat cleans its paw. Cat relaxes on the circular rug under the coffee table. Your adorable family pet may know something you don't. If you're stuck, see the puzzle solution below.

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