Sparkling Apple Cider Makes A Quick Fall Cocktail Base

Have you given much thought to what makes a craft drink better than a Jack and Coke or vodka and soda? Even a simple 2-ounce pour of your favorite spirit can be amazing if it has the right amount of acidity.

sweetness, and interesting flavors. It also looks great. That might be too hard to do at home, but don't worry—we have a famous pantry item that will make your fall drinks taste better: sparkling apple cider.

You can quickly use sparkling cider instead of a complicated, sweetened simple syrup that could take hours to steep and strain. You can try different kinds of alcohol with apple cider.

Whiskey's warm flavor, rum's caramel notes, and vodka's bright, sharp taste all go well together. You can even add your favorite flavored spirits. For example, green apple whiskey will make the apple taste stronger.

To make a fall sparkling apple cider drink, all you have to do is add one or two ounces of your favorite spirit to a glass of cold cider. 

Once it's all mixed, pour it over ice into a tall glass. Top it off with sparkling cider and add some orange peels for decoration. You should also think about other apple drinks besides sparkling cider.

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