The Coolest Winter Hair Colors Are Heating Up 

Many hairstylists recommend dyeing in winter. The cold-weather season is full of exciting new hair colour ideas, and there are fewer external aggressors (think: sun, salt water, chlorine) to ruin the colour you just spent time and money on. Even if you switch up your look often, deciding on your next big change is never easy, so it can't hurt to look at current trends. 

One of the best winter hair colours for blonds is strawberry blond, worn by Adele and Sydney Sweeney. The light blond tint with a gentle red undertone is the right balance between straight-up blond and scorching copper.

Winter Strawberry Blonde 

Looking for a dark hair winter colour? Jet-black is a traditional statement colour. Highly shiny, it exudes health. "There is an element of black hair that has moved on from the gothic, heavy box-dyed colour to something that looks natural," celebrity hairstylist and Arkive Headcare CEO Adam Reed told POPSUGAR.

Jet-Black For Winter 

Your cold style can be warmed with golden hair tones. The winter gold hair-color style suits medium- to dark-brown hair. "[It's] a brunette shade that uses gold as the dominant tone, rather than red, chocolate, or ash," celebrity hairstylist and Evo Hair brand ambassador Tom Smith told POPSUGAR. 

Gold for winter 

Winter flannel highlights. Colorist Lorena Martinez at Maxine Salon in Chicago says "this look creates ribbons of colour while still maintaining dimension." With a round brush, chunky highlights and money chunks frame the face and add movement. Benefits include colour and dimension."

Winter Flannel Highlights 

"I have been working a lot with earth tones," says colorist Jeremy Tardo, calling the auburn "copper with depth.""This hue looks great when you leave the salon and more natural as it fades.

Winter Auburn Richness 

Like a cashmere jumper or hot cocoa, blonds' winter bronde hue is cosy. "Clients who are usually lovers of bright platinum hair are requesting a darker golden blond to warm things up for winter," Korab says. Bright blonds are warming, darkening, and lightening around the face. 

Winter Bronde 

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