The Floor Workouts to Help Women Lose Weight  

Flatten your back. At a table, raise your head with hands behind you and knees. Get shoulder blades from floor. Keep elbows back and right leg extended. Bend left leg to chest and reach left. Rotate anticlockwise once. One minute rest between three 30-45-second sets of this movement.

Bicycle Crunches

Kneel pushup with a ball or rubber between your knees. Use your inner thighs to squeeze the ball and tighten your core. Keep your arms straight and hands shoulder-width apart. Bend your arms and lower your chest, then start again. Try three to four 12-rep sets.

Squeeze Crab Pushup

Start lying sideways with your legs and hips stacked. Avoid forward or backward leaning. Keep your toes pointed and slowly lift the top leg. Return your leg to the ground to click the heels, then raise the top leg. Repeat three 30-45-second rounds per side.

Side Leg Raise

Put your hands in front of you while squatting. On the balls of your feet, slowly tip forward onto your hands. Maintain a squat and gently push back to complete one rep "Murdock advises. Do three 8-10 rep sets.

Tipping Frog

Lay back with a short band above your knees. Kneel 8" apart, feet together. Flex glutes, raise hips. Towels can be held over your chest with shoulder-width hands. Press and pull towel apart with straight arms. Restart hips and arms after 3–5 seconds. Aim for four 12-rep sets.

Glute Bridge

Lying on the floor with your top leg diagonally from your hip and bottom leg bent. Your floor-mounted arm hugs your ribcage. Put your other arm's palm on the floor in front of you. Slowly raise and lower without elbow locking. Maintain form by lowering your feet." Make two 25-rep sets per arm.

Sideways Floor Pushup

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