The Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends Every Decade 

Courtney Thomas, an interior designer, thinks Art Deco epitomises 20s design: bold colours, geometric patterns, and glossy luxury. Designer JuliAnne Kelly agrees that checkered flooring and Art Deco inspiration dominated this period.

Art Deco 1920s + 1930s

Kelly imagines colourful 1940s dwellings. Butter yellow and cherry red were common kitchen cabinet and tile colours. 1940s kitchens favoured bent wood furniture and geometric designs like herringbone. This period saw Art Deco collapse in favour of traditional patterns and primary-colored styles.

1940s: Retro Rules

In 1950s kitchens, aqua cabinets, linoleum floors, and bright appliances were common. At this period, atomic motifs were very prominent. Atomic boomerangs were spotted in many Southern homes.

1950s: Nuclear Chic

1960s house décor changed from the previous decade. Psychedelic influence was seen in 1960s Pop Art textiles with groovy designs. Kelly also observes that homeowners preferred wood cabinetry in the 1960s over steel in the 1950s. This decade also saw homes display innovative technology. 

1960s: Modernist

It was kitsch in the 1970s. Muted colours and homeowners' individuality characterised these kitchens. In the 1970s, panelled walls and Terrazzo were popular. “Terrazzo came onto the scene in the 20s but its popularity exploded in the 70s, mostly in flooring,” adds Thomas.

1970s: Kitchen Kitsch

Miller names Mario Buatta, ‘The King of Chintz,’ as an era-defining designer. Miller believes Buatta “established the love of the English Country Cottage mixed with bright colour chintz fabrics”. His motto in this time of wealth was ‘More is More.’ He layered collectibles in every project square inch.”

1980s: “More Is More”

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