What Nail Style Best Suits Your Zodiac Sign?  

What Nail Style Best Suits Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries, energetic, confident, impulsive, and adventurous, don't follow convention. Nails are a chance to experiment. Why pick one colour when you can have five? You and this colour mix design are eclectic.


You're reasonable, loving, and unshakeable—a pragmatist and romantic. Bulls like practical, classic, and comfortable styles. A gold-speckled mani suits your style. It's neutral and classic with a hint of sparkle that matches everything.


Geminis are outgoing, curious, and quick-witted. This rainbow design is as vibrant as you are, with a cutout accent in the middle for variety.


The thoughtful girl-next-door Cancer is emotional, sympathetic, intuitive, and loyal. Like you, this mani's soft pinks and warm reds are inviting.


The Leo personality trait is strong, sure of itself, loyal, and friendly. This manicure that looks like a mirror is just as beautiful as you are, and it's not boring at all.


Perfectionists, Virgos are organised, pay attention to details, are helpful, and are honest. This reverse French manicure is not only very stylish, but also very neat and precise.


Libras naturally try to keep the peace and find harmony. They are charming, diplomatic, kind, and romantic. This half-and-half design strikes a beautiful balance between a simple neutral nail and pretty pink metallics.


Scorpios, often confused for fire signs, are determined, powerful, mysterious, and emotional. Despite their tough exterior, they are loyal and sensitive. This lightning bolt is bright and powerful (sounds familiar...).


Sags are independent, strong-willed, adventurous, and intellectual, always trying new things. This colourful, graphic star design suits them because they're bold, lively, and fun.


Caps, loyal, practical, humorous, and stubborn, weigh all options before making a decision. The chances are they'll choose something classic and functional with some style. 


Water bearers are unique, independent, quirky, and smart. The last air sign of the zodiac, they follow their own path and are soft, generous, and creative despite their initial hostility. 


Pisces are nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, artistic, and spiritual. The last water sign of the zodiac, they're cheerful and lighthearted. This bright water colour mani is perfect.


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