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7 Top Selling Large Charcuterie Boards for 2023

7 Top Selling Large Charcuterie Boards for 2023

7 Top Selling Large Charcuterie Boards for 2023: Charcuterie spreads can be served on cheese boards and cutting boards. Our experts say a charcuterie spread include meats and cheeses, whereas a cheese plate solely has cheese. We included expert-recommended and Select staff-favorite boards below. Here is the popular types of charcuterie boards that were trending back then, which might still be popular in 2023.

7 Top Selling Large Charcuterie Boards for 2023

  1. Acacia Wood Boards: These boards are durable, have a beautiful grain, and are often preferred for charcuterie due to their natural look.
  2. Slate Boards: Sleek and modern, slate boards offer a unique backdrop for arranging meats and cheeses. They often come with chalk for labeling.
  3. Bamboo Boards: Sustainable and lightweight, bamboo boards are loved for their eco-friendly appeal.
  4. Marble Boards: Elegant and classy, marble boards can add a touch of sophistication to any spread.
  5. Olive Wood Boards: With their unique patterns and rich colors, olive wood boards are visually striking and can be a centerpiece on their own.
  6. Personalized Boards: Customized boards with engraved names or designs were gaining popularity. They make great gifts and add a personal touch to gatherings.
  7. Multi-tiered Boards: Offering different levels for arranging food, multi-tiered boards add depth and variety to presentations.

For updated information on the best-selling charcuterie boards in 2023, I’d recommend checking online marketplaces, specialty kitchen stores, or recent articles discussing trending kitchenware and entertaining accessories. These sources can provide you with up-to-date information on the latest best-selling options

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