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10 CountrySpecific Stereotypes That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

10 CountrySpecific Stereotypes That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

10 CountrySpecific Stereotypes That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes: Not all of them are accurate. People who speak English don’t actually complain all that much.

It’s not true that the French are so vain. There are some wonderful football players among Brazilians.

But as you travel, you do discover that there are some national stereotypes, some dreadful clichés, that truly ring true.

10 CountrySpecific Stereotypes That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

This is something that you encounter.

When you travel to some nations, you discover that everything you had speculated about being there is, in fact, there. Something similar to this.

1 Germans Drink A Lot Of Beer

  • It’s real. To see what Germans on vacation will always be doing, put them in a place with other people and watch them drink beer.
  • They enjoy it. They came up with Oktoberfest.
  • The country has more than 1300 brewers. They make beer in their churches too. However, it comes as a surprise that Germans are also very friendly.
  • That goes against what most people think. Learn more about how to get to Europe here.

2 Americans Are Loud

  • They’ll be heard before you see them.
  • I know it’s a cliché, but Americans, especially tourists, are really loud.
  • They’re loud in bars, in coffee shops, and pretty much everywhere else as well.
  • You can always tell when an American is in the room because of that accent.

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3 Italians Are, Um, Passionate

  • Okay, those people are crazy. Most of the time, Italians love to argue because they take things so seriously.
  • What are they? Every single thing.
  • They care a lot about family, church, football, fashion, and food. In fact, they may care about food the most.
  • If you mess with any of these things, a fight with waving hands and loud voices will start right away.
  • Learn more about how to get to Europe here.

4 English People Love Talking About The Weather

  • “It looks like it’s going to rain today.” “Isn’t it lovely outside?” “Should be sunny at some point.”
  • It goes on and on. What do I think? It could be because the weather in England changes so often.
  • That might make it something worth talking about after all. No matter the reason, English people love to talk about the weather.
  • But now that I think about it, Australians do too. Learn more about how to get to the UK here.

5 Russians Are Scary

  • Smile at someone in Russia. Watch what goes on. At most, they’ll give you a dirty look.
  • They might also just ignore you. Russians are very hard to get along with.
  • People like these think it’s crazy for people to smile at strangers as they walk around.
  • Russians are mostly good people, but it will take a while to warm up to them after the first few days.

6 Canadians Are Polite

  • The Canucks have a reputation around the world for being really, really nice, and it’s true.
  • On the bus, they talk to people they don’t know. They say sorry even though they didn’t do anything wrong.
  • If you look lost or confused, they will help you.
  • Going on trips in Canada is fun because you’re never by yourself. And, well, except for Whistler, they love an Australian accent.
10 CountrySpecific Stereotypes That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

10 CountrySpecific Stereotypes That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

7 Argentinians Love Steak. And Diego Maradona

  • It’s only second to their love for a cute little drug addict who is also one of the best football players of all time when it comes to Argentines.
  • People in Argentina are crazy about steak, both making and eating it.
  • And it’s really great. Maradona, on the other hand, is a legend who should only be praised if you want to make friends in Argentina, especially in the “La Boca” neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

8 Jamaicans Like To Smoke Pot

  • In fact, they like it so much that it’s become a religion. At least a part of a religion.
  • However, people in Jamaica who are not Rastafarians also like the happy plant.
  • Images of dreadlocked men smoking joints the size of baseball bats are probably something you’ve seen before.
  • If you go to Jamaica, you’ll probably see the same thing in real life.

9 Swedish People Are Hot

  • It’s a fact. The guys and girls are both hot. All of them have blonde hair, high cheekbones, are slim and cool, are dressed to the nines, and are incredibly beautiful.
  • You will definitely feel like a slob when you’re around them, and it almost doesn’t seem fair.
  • There may be something in the water. It could be just good genes.
  • But everything you think about Swedes being hot is true. Learn more about how to get to Europe here.

10 Australians Like To Drink

  • That’s what people think of us: die-hard drinkers who will do anything to get a sweet, cold beer.
  • And after traveling with other Australians for a while, you quickly see that it’s fully accurate.
  • We do like drinking. It’s something we do to celebrate and to feel bad about things. It’s something we do every day.
  • We also do it for fun, which makes most groups of Australian travelers nice people to be with.

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