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13 Best Lower Back Stretches

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13 Best Lower Back Stretches

13 Best Lower Back Stretches: One of the most prevalent problems that we encounter as physiotherapists is back pain. Recently, we published a piece titled “8 Top Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain,” in which we discussed some basic everyday measures that can help lessen the amount of back pain you experience.

Exercises for lower back pain are another thing that should be incorporated into your daily routine on a regular basis. This is especially important if you are feeling pain or stiffness, as well as when we begin to age. Stretching and strengthening your back will benefit you well into your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond as the muscles in your back lose strength and your spine loses flexibility.

Exercises for lower back pain don’t have to take a long time, and just like brushing your teeth twice a day to avoid problems, stretching and strengthening your back can benefit you.

According to the recommendations of our group of seasoned physiotherapists, this article will discuss thirteen of the most effective exercises and stretches for reducing lower back pain.

13 Best Lower Back Stretches

1. Knee to Chest

While you are lying on your back, bring your knees up to your chest in a gentle manner, hold this position for a moment, and then extend your arms back out in a straight line. Hold for twenty seconds, execute five repetitions, and practice this exercise three times every day.

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2. Knee Rotation

While your feet are planted firmly on the ground, bend your knees and move them in a gentle manner from side to side, similar to the motion of a windscreen wiper.

The lumbar spine is rotated in a gentle manner during this exercise for the treatment of lower back pain. Do ten rotations to each side of the body. It should be done three times a day.

3. Extensions

While lying on your stomach, apply a light upward pressure and stretch out your lower back.

This should not be held, but rather the movement should be repeated ten times, for three sets, three times per day. You have the ability to modify this stretch by resting on your forearms if you feel that it is too intense.

4. Lower back rotation

Start by tucking one foot beneath the other knee, and then draw your leg across in a gentle manner. Continue to hold the stretch for twenty seconds, perform it three times per day, and repeat it five times for each leg.

5. Cat/Cow

Beginning with your hands and knees, softly curve and flatten your mid back twenty times. Repeat this movement.

6. Child’s Pose

To begin, position your knees apart and bring your toes together. When you reach out in front of you, sit your bottom back so that it is closer to your heels. Repeat this stance five times while holding it for thirty seconds.

7. Foam rolling

When it comes to exercises for lower back pain, foam rolling can be an excellent component. While keeping your backside on the ground, position the foam roller so that it is beneath your midback. Finally, gradually extend your spine backward. Every thirty seconds, hold the position.

8. Pelvic Tilts

Arrange your lower back in an arch while you are lying on your back, and then press it down into the earth. Do this thirty times in a row.

13 Best Lower Back Stretches

13 Best Lower Back Stretches

9. Spiky ball roll on glutes

Make use of a spiked ball to loosen up the muscles that are tight in your buttocks. The ball should be rolled around the fleshy area of your buttock for a period of thirty to sixty seconds at a time.

10. Hip flexor stretches

You should hold this stretch for thirty seconds and then repeat it five times for each leg. This will stretch out the front of your hip.

11. Piriformis stretches

Place your leg crossing over onto your other thigh in a figure four position, and then slowly lower your buttock to the ground. This is a powerful stretch for your posterior region. Maintain this position for twenty seconds. Do this five times on each leg.

12. Thread the needle

When you are in a posture that is similar to downward dog but you are on your knees, reach your arm through this position to stretch your mid-back. Maintain this position for thirty seconds. Repeat the process five times on each side.

13. Hamstring stretches

A stretch band should be wrapped around your foot while you are lying on your back with one leg bent and the other leg in the air. 30 seconds of holding, followed by five repetitions of both legs.


It’s important to know why you’re having lower back pain in the first place, even though these routines should help.

To make sure you get the best results, a trainer will help you figure out what’s causing your problem and then make a program that is just right for you.

It’s easy to think that back pain is caused by getting older, which is partly true. However, the amount of stiffness you feel doesn’t have to be related to your age.

The fluid that cushions your joints decreases with age, and your ligaments and muscles get thinner and tighter. But back pain and stiffness can be caused by other things as well.

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