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5 Reasons Why Waist Loss Is Hard and What to Do

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5 Reasons Why Waist Loss Is Hard and What to Do

5 Reasons Why Waist Loss Is Hard and What to Do:- Sometimes losing weight is harder than it seems. You’re not alone if you’ve struggled to lose weight. The International Food Information Council reported that 52% of 18-34-year-old U.S. individuals tried to diet in 2022. Understanding why losing stubborn belly fat is so hard is the first step to slimming down. We talked to Destini Moody, RDN, CSSD, LD, a registered dietitian and sports dietitian with Garage Gym Reviews, about the five major reasons it’s so hard to lose waistline inches. She offers practical solutions and suggestions.

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5 Reasons Why Waist Loss Is Hard and What to Do


  • Genetics affect fat storage. Some people naturally carry excess weight around their waists. Genetics explain 56% of abdominal belly fat and 42% of subcutaneous fat, according to one study. You can’t change your genetics, but understanding it can help you lose weight.
  • “Ethnicity and lineage can not only play a role in how much fat you carry but also where you store fat,” Moody says. “Genetics determine fat tissue receptors. Fat ‘burning’ is done by catecholamines. These compounds connect to fat cell alpha-2 and beta-2 receptors.
  • More beta receptors on a fat cell make catecholamine attachment and burning easier. The difficulty is that’stubborn’ belly fat has more alpha receptors than betas. This makes it harder for the body to burn it off, and genetics considerably affect receptor count.”


  • Due to hormonal variations, men build belly fat more than pre-menopause women, according to studies.
  • In contrast, women battle with hip and thigh obesity. Understand these gender-specific trends to set realistic weight loss goals and improve targeting.
  • Testosterone is special in that it helps the body maintain muscle mass and reduce body fat. Due to their higher testosterone levels, males lose belly fat more easily than women “Moody explains.
  • “Furthermore, low body fat might alter oestrogen and menstrual cycles, therefore women require a specific amount. For survival and homeostasis, women’s bodies hang onto fat mass, including belly fat.

Alcohol Consumption

  • A drink or two is OK, but alcohol is calorie-dense. Even modest alcohol use can inhibit waist reduction and increase abdominal fat, according to research.
  • “Alcohol alters your metabolism in a number of ways, including increasing hunger, making it harder to metabolise and store nutrients properly, and adding extra, empty calories to the diet,” Moody explains.
  • Fast fat buildup from excessive drinking usually occurs in the abdomen. If you don’t control this tendency, decreasing stomach fat and keeping it off will be challenging.”

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5 Reasons Why Waist Loss Is Hard and What to Do

5 Reasons Why Waist Loss Is Hard and What to Do

Insulin Resistance

  • If your cells don’t respond effectively to insulin, sugar builds up in your bloodstream, causing abdominal fat storage.
  • Several studies link abdominal weight gain to insulin resistance. To control blood sugar, eat fruits, healthy grains, and vegetables and exercise regularly.
  • “Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for sending our blood sugar molecules where they need to go for energy,” Moody says. With insulin resistance, these molecules have nowhere to go, so the body stores them as fat, mainly belly fat.
  • Lifestyle adjustments including diet and exercise help lower insulin resistance. But depending on severity, it can make abdominal fat loss challenging.”

Believing in Spot Reduction

  • Misconception: focused activities can reduce fat in a specific place. Unfortunately, continuous crunches won’t eliminate abdominal fat. Weight loss and fat reduction are body-wide processes.
  • Core exercises can tone muscles, but they won’t reduce waist fat. Instead, mix cardiovascular activity, strength training, and a balanced diet to lose weight.
  • Moody states, “Ab exercises are thought to minimise body fat. This merely disappoints when their waist doesn’t decrease. Understand that fat loss must occur throughout the body through full-body workouts and healthy eating.
  • Even if you lose a lot of body fat, belly fat is frequently the last to go, leaving you wondering why it’s so resistant.”

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