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7 Dreamy Bedroom Designs That Combine Creativity and Comfort

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7 Dreamy Bedroom Designs That Combine Creativity and Comfort

7 Dreamy Bedroom Designs That Combine Creativity and Comfort:- These bedroom designs are so pretty they could make your dreams come true. When it comes to residential interior design, the bedroom is a private haven—a place to relax—that gives designers a chance to be creative and sometimes even go against the overall style of the house. With fun accents and high-end finishes and textures, these bedroom design ideas are the perfect mix of form and function.

7 Dreamy Bedroom Designs That Combine Creativity and Comfort

1. This Dallas Apartment Features a Must-See Bedroom Design

  • Liz and Bill Armstrong bought a whole floor of Museum Tower four years ago.
  • Museum Tower is a 42-story oval building in the middle of Dallas’s arts district that was designed by Johnson Fain.
  • They had kids and more and more grandchildren, but most of the time, it was just the two of them living in the 9,000-square-foot apartment with two separate lift bays, two home offices and views in all directions.
  • Inside the main bedroom, Markus Linnenbrink’s epoxy resin on wood is displayed on black walnut panelling.

2. RDK Design Updates a Chicago High-Rise Apartment

  • The old mansions in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighbourhood are well known.
  • But it also has some beautiful modernist skyscrapers.
  • Two of RDK Design’s clients live in this kind of tower.
  • They are a lawyer and a doctor with college-age children.
  • They asked the company to add a blue-themed bedroom for the kids to their 3,300-square-foot apartment so it would look better with the rest of the building.

3. Art Group Thinks Globally for a Moscow Apartment

  • The couple in Moscow wanted to make their 3,200-square-foot town house a place where their children and grandchildren could get together.
  • But each generation needed their own space.
  • The couple wanted the space to be good for families, but they didn’t want it to look too conservative.
  • A Devina Nais bed is set against a glass headboard in the guest bedroom, which was also carefully designed.

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7 Dreamy Bedroom Designs That Combine Creativity and Comfort

7 Dreamy Bedroom Designs That Combine Creativity and Comfort

4. This Bedroom Design Blends Beachy Cool and Low-Key Luxe

  • When real estate agents talk about how important location, location, location is, they don’t often talk about a place as picture-perfect as Florida’s Fisher Island.
  • In short, you shouldn’t try to make Fisher Island look better than it is.
  • That’s exactly what designer Sam Robin did with a recent project there.
  • A wall sconce by Paolo Rizzatto and fabrics from House of Cindy add graphic charm to the guest room.

5. Inside a Minimalist Brooklyn Townhouse 

  • What happens when two of the best product designers in New York style a beautiful Brooklyn townhouse?
  • That’s the question Hatchet Design Build, a local construction company known for their restorations, asked John Sorensen-Jolink of Coil + Drift and Phoebe Sung, co-founder of Cold Picnic, to work with them to rethink the inside of a house on St. Johns Place for a shoot with photographer Nicholas Calcott.
  • The main bedroom has a headboard made of caned and curved walnut.

6. Explore an Ornate Holiday Home in Naples, Florida With Beach Vibes

  • A generous couple was looking for a vacation home in Florida that they could make their permanent home.
  • It was in a house with a beautiful view of the Intracoastal Waterway.
  • No, I see what you mean.
  • The location was perfect, but the house from the early 2000s wasn’t, and it didn’t make the most of its view.
  • The fancy, Old World Mediterranean-style house with dark stucco walls and a split-up floor plan would have to be completely changed.
  • Blue is the best colour for the guest bedroom.

7. Elements of Surprise Define a Dreamy Manhattan Aerie by Dufner Heighes

  • Erica Holborn says, “I have an operations brain,” which means she likes to keep things simple.
  • Of course, she is the president of SANDOW, the parent company of Interior Design.
  • That’s also true at home in her one-bedroom flat on Sutton Place, which was designed by Dufner Heighes.
  • Acacia wood and old brass furniture in the main bedroom make it more interesting to look at.

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