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8 Best Pool Designs – Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas

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8 Best Pool Designs - Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas

8 Best Pool Designs – Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas:The fascination of lounging by the pool on a day, when the weather is pleasant and sunny, never fades. It is essential to begin arranging the ideal arrangement as soon as possible in order to guarantee the highest possible level of relaxation during this season.

8 Best Pool Designs – Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas

We are able to provide you with a wide variety of captivating swimming pool designs that will serve as a source of inspiration for the next summer days, regardless of whether you are looking to modify the design of your existing pool or are going to install a pool for the very first time.

A Tuscan-style getaway, a rustic farmhouse swimming pool, an indoor lap pool, and nearby outdoor bars are just some of the pools that are designed with such great attention to detail that they will make you want to jump straight in and float away the day.

In order to turn your ideal swimming pool into a delightful reality, you should take a mental vacation and jot down some style notes.

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Add a Fountain Element

If you want to create the most relaxing and spa-like sound effect possible, incorporate a fountain into your pool.

Take into consideration three straightforward pathways at the end of the pool, similar to those seen in the Odessa stone pool edging at this Napa Valley home designed by Marshall Watson Interiors and the architecture company Zimmerman Miller Montanari that was built.

Create an Organic Atmosphere

By enclosing your pool with aggregate-seeded concrete decking and populating the surrounding area with a lush canopy of low-water, low-maintenance plants.

As design studios Terremoto and Studio Shamshiri did at this California property, you may give the impression that your pool is completely submerged in the natural environment. Any plants that are native to your region, if at all possible, will get you bonus points.

8 Best Pool Designs - Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas

8 Best Pool Designs – Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas

Opt for Black

Choose a pool that is designed to blend in with its surroundings in order to elevate the landscape to an even higher level. “We wanted a black pool so that it felt more organic with all of the mature trees around it,” designer Justin Hafen says of the pool that is located in his property in the Napa Valley.

Mix Tiles

The pool in a backyard designed by Nickey Kehoe is an example of the relaxing effect that may be achieved via the use of deep teal square mosaic tiles. There is a sense of warmth and contrast brought about by the clay tiles that surround the exterior, as well as the brick patio and the terracotta shingle roof.

Include a Clear Enclosure

Glass enclosures that are hardly noticeable around a sleek pool and deck designed by Danielle Fennoy of Revamp Interior Design and Morrel Landscape Associates allow the geometry of the house’s construction to be the focal point of attention. Also, it avoids the outdoor seats from being in a splash zone, which is an even better feature.

Bring the Lawn Up Close

At a poolhouse that was designed by a group of experts, including interior designer Nestor Santa-Cruz, landscape architect Lila Fendrick, and contractor Mauck Zantzinger, the ease with which the garden and pool are designed draws attention to the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

According to Fendrick, “We brought the lawn up to the edges of the pool in the hopes of making the pool appear as though it is floating across the water.” When viewed from the inside of the pool house, the pool appears to be reflecting the sky in a mirror-like manner.

8 Best Pool Designs - Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas

8 Best Pool Designs – Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas

Use Different Materials for Opposite Edges

A shimmering transition is provided by this infinity pool, which was designed by Rachel Lynch Swimming Pools and Spas. It begins with the bright off-white pool patio edges and ends with the grasses and trees on the opposite side.

In close proximity, the Hamptons residence features a space that is specifically designated for outdoor cooking, as well as a large number of lounge chairs that can be used for eating and unwinding.

Give It a Historic Feel

The designer for Hadas Dembo’s home in upstate New York chose old furnishings and decor for the pool area in order to create an atmosphere that was reminiscent of the past.

“I wanted it to be, you know, not as grand as Versailles, but this ornamental body of water surrounded by old tables and benches,” Dembo recalls. “I wanted it to appear as though it were a water feature.”

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