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Top 6 Reasons to Own a Yorkie

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Top 6 Reasons to Own a Yorkie

Top 6 Reasons to Own a Yorkie: Are you contemplating a new pet? Just choose a Yorkie! Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are popular among dog enthusiasts worldwide.

These little balls of energy and charm are great pets for many reasons. This article covers the top six reasons why owning a Yorkie may provide you endless joy and friendship.

Top 6 Reasons to Own a Yorkie

1. Adorable Appearance

  • Yorkies are one of the most beautiful dog breeds with their gorgeous coats. People love their silky, long hair in gold and steel blue that falls down their bodies.
  • Though little at 7 pounds, they are huggable and simple to handle. Their wide, round eyes, little button noses, and perky ears make them even cuter.

2. Intelligent and Alert

  • Yorkies are smart, curious dogs. They learn rapidly, making them easy to train. Yorkies are eager to please and succeed in obedience training, whether it’s toilet training, basic instructions, or intricate feats.
  • Their attentiveness and keen senses make them good watchdogs. They will alarm if they see anything unusual, protecting their owners and property.

3. Affectionate Companions

  • Yorkies are loving and faithful pets. These dogs need human interaction and build strong ties with their owners.
  • While watching TV, walking, or reading, your Yorkie will be by your side, bringing love and friendship. They are lap dogs and will cuddle with you for hours. Yorkies never leave you lonely.

4. Versatile and Travel-Friendly

  • Yorkie dogs are flexible and versatile, making them great partners for many lives. They are energetic and eager to play and explore despite their little stature.
  • Yorkies thrive in large homes and small apartments as long as they have enough exercise and mental stimulation. Their portability makes them travel-friendly. They love traveling with you and are eager to try new things.

5. Hypoallergenic Coats

Yorkies may be ideal pets for allergy sufferers. These lovely canines have hypoallergenic coats that emit less allergies than other breeds.

Although no dog is hypoallergenic, Yorkies shed minimal dander and hair, lowering allergy risk. This makes them acceptable for pet dander sensitive persons.

6. Longevity and Health

Yorkies are healthier and live longer than other small dogs. Proper care and vet visits can extend their lifespan to 15 years or more.

Yorkies, like any dog breed, can have dental difficulties, patellar luxation, and tracheal collapse. A proper food, exercise, and veterinarian care will keep your Yorkie happy and healthy for years.

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