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11 Foods and Drinks With a Ton of Hidden Sugar

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11 Foods and Drinks With a Ton of Hidden Sugar

11 Foods and Drinks With a Ton of Hidden Sugar:- You might eat a lot more sugar than you thought if you don’t carefully read the nutrition facts on the food you buy. People often make the mistake of buying foods because the labels say they are “all-natural,” “whole-grain,” or something similar. On the ingredients list, though, there may be a lot of added sugar hiding under those claims as something healthy or fancier. Ah, agave juice, look at me Did you eat more sugar than you thought? Check to see if any of your favourite foods and drinks have a lot of sugar in them. Also, how much sugar you should eat every day.

11 Foods and Drinks With a Ton of Hidden Sugar

1. Milk and yoghurt

  • Depending on the type of yoghurt you eat in the morning, you may have as much as 15 grams of sugar to start your day.
  • There are yoghurts that are very good for you, like Fage Total 0%, which has no added sugar.
  • But a shockingly large amount of sugar is found in many popular yoghurts, especially low- or no-fat versions.
  • For example, Yoplait strawberry yoghurt has 19 grams of sugar per serving, with 13 grams of that being added sugars.

2. Bread

  • You know most white breads and sweet ones like cinnamon raisin and honey nut bread contain extra sugar.
  • Most people think wheat or multigrain bread is sugar-free, yet many of these varieties have a lot.
  • High fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, and more than 2 or 3 grams of sugar per slice are elements to avoid in healthy bread.
  • Dave’s Killer Bread’s Power seed bread, with 1 gram of sugar per slice, is a healthy bread label. Sugar-free Ezekiel sprouted whole-grain bread is healthier.

3. Instant oatmeal Quaker oats

  • Whole-grain muesli contains fibre, B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and other nutrients. When processed and packaged into single-serve packaging, it generally contains gobs of sugar.
  • Quaker Instant Muesli maple and brown sugar has 12 grammes of sugar per package, half the daily maximum of 25 grammes. Dried fruit, honey and other muesli toppings may exceed the daily guideline before breakfast.

4. Granola, bars

  • Granola and granola bars, another breakfast favourite, are claimed to be healthful due to their low fat and whole grain content. Sugar swiftly negates those two health claims.
  • One Nature Valley Trail Mix bar comprises 7 grams of sugar and corn syrup as the second ingredient. Nature’s Path Honey Almond Granola has 7 grams of sugar (6 added).
  • Due to its little portions, granola deceives too. You may think 6 grams of sugar per serving isn’t bad, but consider that most granola servings are half a cup or two-thirds of a cup, so you may be eating nearly 20 grams of sugar in one sitting.

5. Protein Bars Request protein bars

  • Quest Protein bars are a popular snack for muscle building and on-the-go, satisfying meals. However, many protein bars are sugary, typically more than doughnuts, pastries, or ice cream.
  • Zone Perfect’s chocolate peanut butter bar has 15 grams of sugar, nearly the daily maximum in one snack.
  • Fortunately, some businesses make low-sugar protein bars: Quest’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough has 21 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar, but sugar alcohols make up for it. If you’re sensitive to other sweets, choose a whole-food protein snack like an RX fruit and egg white bar.

6. Sauces, condiments, salad dressings

  • The popular Heinz ketchup contains high fructose corn syrup.
  • While ketchup, barbecue sauce, and berry salad dressings are known to include sugar, some unexpected sweet toppings may surprise you: Marinara sauce, ranch, and caesar salad dressings can exceed 20 grams per serving. Always read the label and choose sugar-free varieties.

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11 Foods and Drinks With a Ton of Hidden Sugar

11 Foods and Drinks With a Ton of Hidden Sugar

7. Sports drinks

  • Check the type of sports drink you’re drinking during your workout. It may taste delicious and hydrate you. Many sports drinks, including Gatorade and Powerade, are high in sugar and calories since they were designed to fuel intensive exercise for lengthy periods.
  • Most people don’t exercise long enough or intensely enough to drink 20 or more grams of sugar throughout their workout, thus low-calorie, zero-sugar solutions are better for nutrient balance and weight management. Water is always an option.

8. Green machine juice bottle for pressed juices

  • This drink seems healthy and has no added sugar, yet it has almost 50 grams of sugar.
  • You may have too much sugar in your favourite green juice. Naturally, pressed juices from oranges, apples, mango  and other fruits are high in sugar.
  • Some of these juices contain added sugar beyond what’s in the fruit, while celery and leafy green juices may have added sugar to mask the earthy taste of juiced vegetables.
  • This Naked Juice Green Machine juice has over 50 grams of sugar per serving, even though it’s made from natural fruit juice.
  • Even if a fruit juice doesn’t have extra sugars, it’s not as nutritious as eating whole fruit since juicing removes fibre, which slows sugar digestion and fills you up.

9. Milk substitutes without dairy

  • The popular soy and almond milk brand Silk now manufactures oat milks, but look out for additional sugar.
  • Avoiding dairy and lactose may be healthful, but some dairy-free options are high in sugar. A one-cup serving of Silk Vanilla Almond milk has 13 grams of added sugar, half the daily limit of 25 grams.
  • Try unsweetened dairy-free milk for reduced sugar. You might like your favourite plant-based unsweetened as much as the sugary one.

10. Canned soups

  • Making fresh soup at home is healthier and you can store large portions for later meals.
  • After a long day, especially on a cold night, canned soup sounds like a healthy, soothing, and easy lunch.
  • Although canned soups contain vegetables and protein, some contain sugar.
  • Campbell’s Soup on the Go Classic Tomato Soup has 17 grams of sugar and high fructose corn syrup as the third ingredient.
  • Try making healthier soup with fresh vegetables (make big batches and freeze for later) or check the nutrition label before buying a can.

11. Peanut/nut butters

  • Healthy fats like peanut, almond, and cashew butter are excellent as toast toppings or eaten by the spoonful, according to Mara Natha.
  • Choose labels carefully because some nut butters contain sugar and hydrogenated oils, which can compromise your health goals.
  • Jif, one of the most popular peanut butter brands in the US, has sugar and molasses as its second and third ingredients.
  • If you eat more than one spoonful of most peanut butter, the 2–3 grams of sugar per serving can add up. If you’re attempting to avoid sugar, read the label because peanut butter usually contains it.

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