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A Complete Guide to Couples Massage

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A Complete Guide to Couples Massage

A Complete Guide to Couples Massage: Few things are as relaxing as a massage. The soothing atmosphere, gentle kneading that melts away sore muscles and kinks, and complete relaxation. Sharing this experience with a loved one is the only thing better. A couples massage can be a great bonding experience that leaves both parties happy, healthy, glowing, and super relaxed.

A Complete Guide to Couples Massage

What is Couples Massage?

A therapist gives both partners a relaxing massage in a couples massage. Massages are given simultaneously in the same private room on separate massage beds. The massage therapists start both massages at once and coordinate the couple’s treatment to ensure a shared experience.

To maximise the experience, the atmosphere is relaxing, dark, and calm. While couples massages are usually done with a partner on a romantic outing or celebration, they can be done with anyone close. This experience can be shared with friends, siblings, or even a cousin.

It provides physical, mental, and health benefits to both parties, creating a bond of relaxation that lasts after the massage.

Couples Massage: What to Expect?

Before and after a couples massage, you can expect certain things. You’ll relax before entering the massage room at your favourite spa. Sauna, vapour rooms, jacuzzies, hot and cold showers, drinks, and snacks enhance the experience and set the mood.

  • When you enter the private room, massage therapists usually provide robes and disposable clothing and let you and your partner undress.
  • Fear not! You may have to remove your tops before crawling onto the massage table. The massage therapists will cover your private parts, but this partial nudity and vulnerability is why we recommend getting a couples massage with a close friend.
  • You’ll relax completely once the massage begins! Relax, breathe the perfumes, enjoy the dim lighting, and let go of everything. Try to enjoy the moment—it won’t be hard.
  • After the massage, the therapists will leave to let you dress. You usually have more time to relax with your massage partner outside.
  • Some packages include time in a jacuzzi with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, while others take you to a room with cosy chairs, soothing music, and tea or infused water.

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Feel-good chemicals released

  • A massage can improve brain activity and body chemistry.
  • Endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin—“feel good” chemicals—are released during a massage.
  • You will leave happier than when you entered.

Decreased stress and depression

The stress hormone cortisol is significantly reduced by a massage. Add in your body’s extra endorphins, dopamine, etc., and you’re in for a relaxing time!

Peaceful mood

  • Humans naturally calm down when massaged.
  • So when you feel like you’re floating into space from relaxation, you’re not dreaming!
  • All part of the massage experience.

Enhanced blood flow:

  • A massage increases blood flow to joints, improving circulation, reducing aches and cramps, and refreshing you. Additionally, stimulating the body’s lubricants increases flexibility!
  • Other benefits of massages include posture improvement and headache reduction! You and your partner will feel happy, healthy, and relaxed after a massage.

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