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Our 10 Best New High-Protein Lunch Recipes

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Our 10 Best New High-Protein Lunch Recipes

Our 10 Best New High-Protein Lunch Recipes:- These tasty and filling lunchtime meals will get you through any afternoon. These recent dishes receive four- and five-star reviews for taste. At least 15 grams of protein each serving of these robust meals supports healthy digestion, muscle building, and longer-lasting fullness. We recommend our Fish Taco Bowls with Green Cabbage Slaw and Best Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich to keep you full till your next meal.

Our 10 Best New High-Protein Lunch Recipes

1. Mozzarella, Tomato & Prosciutto Sandwich

  • The classic ham-and-cheese sandwich is elevated with savoury prosciutto and fresh, creamy mozzarella.
  • Crispy toasted bread accompanies delicate contents. Smear pesto over toasted bread to boost basil flavour.

2. Fish Taco Bowls with Green Cabbage Slaw

  • Fresh salsa verde, green cabbage, and avocado make this fish taco bowl bright green.
  • Halibut’s mild flavour and firm, meaty texture are delicious, but mahi mahi or tilapia work too.
  • We use cilantro to this tasty taco bowl, but you may add sprouts or watermelon radishes for extra colour.

3. The Best Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich

  • Middle Eastern muhammara—roasted red peppers, breadcrumbs, walnuts, and spices—inspired this rotisserie chicken sandwich dressing.
  • We modified it by adding almonds. Creamier results can be achieved with cashews. Leftover sauce can be used to dip bread or veggies or as a seasoning.

4. Tangy Chicken Salad with Grapes

  • Sweet red grapes and crisp celery make this chicken salad sing and balance the yoghurt and lemon sharpness. Since this chicken salad dish is customisable,
  • You can add chopped nuts or dried fruit. We simplify using rotisserie chicken (unseasoned to save sodium), but any leftover cooked chicken will work.

5. The Best Tuna Salad Recipe for Sandwiches

  • Celery and apple provide crisp and sweetness to this simple tuna salad. Greek-style yoghurt replaces mayonnaise to bind and impart tanginess and creaminess.
  • Add 2 teaspoons toasted chopped walnuts, 3 tablespoons quartered tiny grapes, and 1 tablespoon Greek yoghurt to make a “Waldorf tuna salad”. Serve with greens or whole-grain bread.

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Our 10 Best New High-Protein Lunch Recipes

Our 10 Best New High-Protein Lunch Recipes

6. 15-Minute Pesto Shrimp Packs 27 Grams of Protein

  • This quick and easy pesto prawns can be served with crusty bread, pasta, rice or pizza.
  • Choose prawns without preservatives, which can change texture and add sodium. Refrigerated pesto is bright and fresh, but homemade classic basil pesto makes the dish special.

7. Copycat McDonald’s Southwest Salad

  • The McDonald’s Southwest Salad was discontinued, but this copycat recipe recreates it with healthful ingredients. Reduced-fat sour cream and salsa add flavour to the creamy dressing, lowering saturated fat and calories.
  • It was full of veggies, but you may add diced avocado or crushed tortilla chips for crunch. The title of this recipe does not match EatingWell’s naming and attribution rules, but it credits McDonald’s, which called it “Southwest Salad.”)

8. Cucumber Salad Sandwich

  • Salad on a sandwich—who said no? Use your favourite fresh herbs, feta cheese, and lemon to flavour this creamy cucumber filling.
  • Salting and patting the cucumber dry reduces its moisture so the filling doesn’t make the bread soggy. To get crispy bread, toast it first.

9. Baked Kale Salad with Crispy Quinoa

  • Oven-crisped quinoa gives this colourful and satisfying kale salad great texture.
  • This lemon-honey-garlic vinaigrette enhances the roasted vegetables’ sweetness. Topping the salad with feta and pepitas adds flavour.

10. 3-Ingredient Chicken Tikka Masala Sweet Potatoes

  • Simmer sauces simplify this three-component dish by adding flavour to one element. Sweet potato and chicken breast in tikka masala simmer sauce go well together, but any simmer sauce will do.

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