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Snowflake Nail-Art Ideas to Bring Winter to Your Fingertips

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Snowflake Nail-Art Ideas to Bring Winter to Your Fingertips

Snowflake Nail-Art Ideas to Bring Winter to Your Fingertips:- Everything winter captivates me. It’s controversial and almost blasphemous, but I’d rather live in a 50-degree climate than a 90-degree one. The months of November through February are my dream. What better way to celebrate winter than with snowflake manicures? Simple designs, modest shimmer, and a bit of glitter will make your fingers look festive and pretty—the opposite of your childhood nail art.

Winter may be your worst nightmare, but it’s here for a few months, so why not celebrate with one of these adorable snowflake manicure designs? Although I’m biassed, I think you should screenshot these ideas immediately and love the snow and cold. Brb while I roll in sweaters.

Snowflake Nail-Art Ideas to Bring Winter to Your Fingertips

1. Accent Nail Snowflake Ideas

  • It’s not a screen; those little stars really do shine. The nail art is that good. The base of these snowy nails is a mix of gold glitter polish and silver dot polish. The accent snowflakes are white nail paint, which makes them look bright and almost unreal.

2. Glittery Ice Nails

  • Why do I think these nails that look like snowflakes are the lead in their own movie masterpiece? Most likely because they’re so beautiful. For winter, don’t go for a real snowflake design. Instead, try silver stars and silver glitter paint to get in the spirit.

3. Holographic Snowflake Nails

  • It’s 2020, people. If you don’t like the cutesy snowflake nail art this year, but you still want to feel festive this winter, give your nails an icy crystal edge by asking your manicurist for “shattered glass” nails or make the look yourself at home with shattered glass nail strips.

4. Sheer Snowflake Nails

  • These snowflake nails make you think of winter, don’t you think? Apply a sheer neutral nail polish and a few thin swipes of silver paint to the tips of your nails. Then, put on a snowflake decal and cover it with a top coat.

5. Gray Snowflake Nails

  • The blue-gray base of these snowflake nails makes the manicure feel very plain and simple.
  • Paint your snowflakes on with a white-gray polish instead of a bright white polish to keep it clean. To make the faded colour, mix a few dots together on a paper plate.

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Snowflake Nail-Art Ideas to Bring Winter to Your Fingertips

Snowflake Nail-Art Ideas to Bring Winter to Your Fingertips

6. Minimalist Snowflake Nails

  • I get it if the only thing you like about getting your nails done is changing the colour of the paint.
  • Dot little white snowflakes over festive red nail polish instead of nail art on every nail. Then use a nail art brush to paint on a thin snowflake.

7. Starry Snowflake Nails

  • A sky full of stars or sparkling snowflakes? I like it, especially when I don’t want my nails to look too “nail art.”
  • Put on a rose-gold glitter finish, making sure the glitter stays close to the tips and moves around with the cuticle.
  • Then, draw on black snowflakes that cross each other.

8. Glitter Dot Snowflake Nails

  • So if you can’t even draw a straight line let alone paint a tiny snowflake on your nails by hand, try this instead: For a snowflake-like look, use a stick to add dots of silver glitter nail polish over a neutral nail colour.

9. Clear Snowflake Nails

  • Next time you go to the salon, don’t paint your coffin nails all white. Instead, ask for a few clear nails with gold and silver snowflakes set in them to make them look like they’ve melted.

10. Chunky Snowflake Nails

  • These thumbnails of snowflakes might look complicated, but they’re just polishes, glitters, and stickers that have been stacked on top of each other.
  • Use silver glitter nail paint, stick on some loose snowflakes, and then dot on some loose crystals to make it again. Add a clear top coat to finish.

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